Monday, November 14, 2005

This was the Weekend of Plentiful Dates. I've been registered with an online dating service for the past few weeks. I probably should have learned my lesson from the LAST time I did the online dating thing. "Remember? You ended up spending 2 years and LOTS of money on a mess of a man." But c'mon, there were a lot of good times too. Hence, my getting back on the horse and giving it another go.

It started with Bankrupt Rick, whom I met during the first week. He was witty as hell, as cute as Tom Hulce in "Amadeus" and a complete and utter mess. Recovering drug addict & former stand-up comic who had returned from a 5-year stint in LA to move back home with Mom & Dad (who am I to judge?) Obnoxious, dangerous, and amazing in bed. He was my rebound boy. Short-lived, but necessary. I think of him as the dish of sherbet: after the heavy meal and to cleanse the palette. Bad news - not much potential - and I just got OUT of a situation like that.

After Bankrupt Rick came Boring Rich, Quiet Tom and Auschwitz James. I was growing very disenchanted by it all, to say the least. Finally, this Friday night I met Adorable, Wholesome and Awesome Jason. He is a self-sufficient, good-natured outdoorsman. He owns a house in which he is fixing up the kitchen. He has a steady, well-paying job. He has a beautiful truck, is into mountainbiking & kayaking. He is funny. He is CUTE! We had dinner Friday night and stayed out past midnight talking. He didn't even try to kiss me goodnight.

Today, Jason and I went mountainbiking. He picked me up in his nice truck and we rode 22 miles, chatting the whole way. We stopped and had lunch on the way home. He even e-mailed and asked to see me again during the week. Yes, I like Jason.

What I neglected to cancel was the date I had made for this evening with "Junior".

We met at a restaurant and my first impression was that he looked like Junior Gorg from "Fraggle Rock". Apparently, I hid my horror well. I figured I'd make the best of things and ordered some wine. Lots of wine. The date was just 2 hours and we chatted along fine. The wine helped keep me talking. I will write some more tomorrow about the gruesome details. But for now, I will try to put it all out of my head. I must sleep.

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