Thursday, November 17, 2005

He's gay. Damn it, I should have known. How did I NOT know? I mean, he's not just "a little gay". No, he's BIG, ALL-OUT, FLAMING QUEENIE gay. "Hellooo Frisco" gay. Oh well. At least the coffee is free.

Tomorrow I am leaving for Bethesda, MD. A road trip with my Mom. It's been years since we've road-tripped. And I think that by the time I get back - either Saturday night or Sunday morning - I will remember all too clearly just WHY it's been years. *Sigh* Ah well.

I am hoping things pan out there. Hoping for a little more info, a little more direction so I can remove myself from this limbo in which I have been flailing miserably about. I need change. Change is good.


Mike said...

Hi Pensive Turtle,

Not that I obsessively check to see if anyone new has linked me, but, hey, I see you've linked me. Thanks!

Your blog amused me and I shall return.

Too bad about S&W, but better you find out now instead of after you're married for 30 years and old.

Pensive Turtle said...

Thanks Mike - truly an honor to know I have at least one reader :)

I have enjoyed your blog for months, hope you don't mind that I linked you.