Thursday, November 17, 2005

So many exciting things going on these days...FINALLY! But how the hell is it Thursday already? Does time just go faster once you've hit 30? Yes, I am thirty. I can say that now. And I can even type it. 30. T-H-I-R-T-Y.

First of all, I had my third date last night with Sweet&Wholesome Jason (who will hence forth be known only as "S&W". Not to be confused with S&M) Do men like him actually exist? I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. To find out he is a bigomist with 4 other wives in this state alone. Or that he spends weekends molesting orphans with cystic fibrosis. Because people as nice as him cannot possibly be real. And if they are, I most definitely have never had access to such creatures.

In short, the date went well. Even concluded with a simple kiss - at my car - under an umbrella - in the pouring rain. [Insert sweeping violin passage here]

Tomorrow I am leaving for a workshop in Bethesda, MD. I am considering the possibility of taking a hiatus (from my real job) and spending a year abroad. More info on that as it unfolds, as I am still very much in the dark about it all.

And finally, you must know that after 4:00 PM today, I will be an official "Barista" for the local "Evil-Coffee-Empire" (hence forth referred to as "ECE") a part-time, holiday job I've decided to take - not for the money (because God knows, it ain't gonna be much) - but mostly because the general manager is a hottie.

I am such a loser.

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Loki said...

Laughed so hard at the opening of this I think I started to cry...