Sunday, November 13, 2005

Last night we had a party for my aunt's 80th birthday. Had some family over that we hadn't seen in years. Why is that? How does it become that people you used to see on a daily basis, you now only see at funerals or landmark events? I guess that's life.

Anyway, these cousins were always thought of as "the RICH cousins". The dad works for a major pharmaceutical company - brewing up cures for cancer and the common cold. The mom uses lots of foundation and hairspray, and gives "air-kisses". And their son is now a big stock guy on Wall Street. But they're nice people. And my aunt was so very happy to see them.

Me, I felt like a big loser. 30 years old, living in my Mom's basement. Sharing a house with my Mom, AND my 80-year old aunt AND my 39-year old brother (did I mention that?) Suffice to say, I spent the majority of the evening in the kitchen, setting/cleaning up - in between glasses of Yellowtail.

Must go shower. Have a date to go mountainbiking today and a dinner date later tonight.

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