Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dear God am I tired today. My body feels like it's 89-years old. Why am I so tired? I feel like my veins are full of sand. I'm a giant sandbag.

I met a nice guy last night for coffee at the local B&N. Cute - beautiful eyes. Very tidy. He's a "P.A." which I learned is a Physicians's Assistant (I think?) Like a doctor without the degree. He also teaches courses at a local university. Very neat to talk to, someone I definitley would not have met unless I was doing this internet dating thing. Though I must admit, I am still partial to the Sweet&Wholesome Jason. Will be seeing him tonight for dinner & a movie.

It's funny... I was a bit of a prude growing up. But for the right reasons, I think. I didn't wanna hook up for the sake of hooking up. Would you believe I was 24 when I finally lost my virginity? I wouldn't change a thing, it was a great experience. Since then, I've certainly shed my prudish ways and done my share of hooking up.

Recently (though maybe not too recently) I discovered that, while it's okay now and then, I could certainly live without sex. For me it's more of a hassle than anything. Yeah, it's fun in the beginning. But halfway through, I start getting bored and my mind tends to wander... "What should I eat for breakfast tomorrow? Did I wash the pants I was planning to wear? How do airplanes stay in the sky?" Right. ADD rocks.

Then it's finally over and there's the whole "cuddle process" to endure. What happened to the guys who just got up and left? Why do I always seem to find the ones who get all cutesy and lovey? I say, just get dressed and get out so I can clean up and go to sleep. Perhaps I am a man trapped in a woman's body. Maybe a gay man.

What got me on this rant? Oh right - Sweet&Wholesome Jason. He has not tried to kiss me yet. Tonight is our third date. My past experiences indicate this should be the Sex Date. I can't imagine things taking that drastic a turn. But perhaps I'll get a kiss. That wouldn't be too bad at all.

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