Sunday, December 30, 2007


My boy has made the news! Way to go, honey! I'm so proud of you!

However, if any blonde, spiritual groupies start showing up at our door, I may have to kick some Unity Ass.


Thursday, December 27, 2007


So we finally caught up on Lost, watching the final Netflixed episode of season 3 tonight. Wow. What a cool show!

I'm not a huge TV watcher. In fact, if not for the miracle of Netflix, I would have never experienced the Sopranos or Six Feet Under. And my life would suck a whole lot more than it does. So if you've never seen Lost - a surprisingly good show for network television - please do yourself a favor and SEE IT!!

In other news...

Christmas was good. Our hot water heater sprung a leak on Christmas Eve and our living room carpet is wet and brown. But it could have been worse. At least our water was still hot, we had heat, we had food, we had a roof over our heads and presents to open. And the beauty of renting is that the day after Christmas, the maintenance guys came and installed a new hot water heater. And tomorrow morning, the carpet cleaners are coming. And it's not costing us anything.

We're having our first housewarming party tomorrow night. Yes... only five months after we moved in. Looking forward to seeing friends that I have missed since leaving the school job. HIS work friends are coming too. Psychologists + middle school teachers = one interesting evening.

T-16 days until India. Got my Hepatitis A, typhoid and flu vaccines last week. Have to go back to get tetanus, meningitis and polio next week. Got me a script for a Z-pak and anti-malaria pills - AND - they threw in some Cipro for good measure. So just in case we run out of beer & wine tomorrow night, I can break out the good stuff.

'Til we meet again...

Monday, December 24, 2007


Nothing says "Happy Birthday, Jesus" quite like a plate of poo-shaped gingerbread cookies.
Merry Christmas, Blogosphere! And a happy, healthy 2008.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sunday, December 16, 2007


funny pictures
moar funny pictures


Thursday, December 13, 2007


Wow it's really crappy outside. Ice is falling from the sky.

Been a crazy week. We had our first India orientation meeting on Saturday and I met the rest of the group. There are three of us team members and a team leader. The leader is a guy named Bernie. He's retired and he's been to lots of different places around the world. Very easy-going and seems like a nice guy.

The rest of the team consists of: Liz, a newly-wed 30-something YMCA program coordinator from Suburbia; Rajiv, a 25 year-old metrosexual Sri-Lankan intern at the U.N.; and Misty, a home-schooled EMT from the boonies. It's an interesting group, no doubt.

We had a list of things we needed to get done before our next meeting... getting an Indian visa; purchasing medical insurance; doctor's physical and - my favorite - VACCINATIONS! Here's a list of some of the delightful diseases I hope to contract while I'm gone.

When I tell people I'm going to India for a month, everyone's reaction is similar: "Why?" Even my stupid ass doctor literally said, "Eww! Why would you wanna go there?" Is he even allowed to say something like that? Maybe he's just pissed cause Indian doctors are smarter than he'll ever be.

I dunno. My thoughts are: how can you understand the rest of the world if you don't experience it? I guess I get it from my aunt. She was a fearless world traveler and always had great stories and photos to share. Russia, Egypt, Israel - just to name a few - she went where her heart took her, each trip adding to her fantastic mosaic of a life. I always admired that about her, and now even more as I get older.

I'm counting on her to be there with me, warding off the chikungunya next month.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I am so bored right now. This has been the slowest day ever. I've already escaped twice to run random errands and it's not even 3:00 yet. It's crazy how some days I'm so busy that I blink and it's 5:00. And then there are days like today when I've probably visited every site on the vast internet.

I've spent a couple hours trying to find these shoes in my size -->

I bought a pair of these a couple years ago and they are still my favorite shoes on the planet. I wear them at some point every single day. And apparently they no longer make them in my size (9 or 9.5) I am deeply saddened to learn this. I will pay any price for a new pair of Rocket Dog Axles, khaki & brown.

Ate the leftover vegetable soup from Mom's. Was mighty good.

Dang. Still not even 3:00.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Mmmm... it's soup weather. Normally I am not a big fan of soup. I tend to turn my nose up at anything that isn't chicken broth-based, but recently I've been expanding my horizons.

Yesterday I picked up a bowl of chicken rice soup from the local diner. Last night Mom made a huge pot of this tomatoey-vegetable creation with orzo and little turkey meatballs. It's FANTASTIC but gave me horrendous gas.

I brought some home with the intention of taking it for lunch today, but I didn't want to kill any Bikram classmates with my stinky ass. So I picked up a cup of pasta e fagioli at King's... not realizing that "fagioli" means "beans." This could be equally dangerous, ass-wise. But it's so tasty! And it's warming me to the core on this windy, snowy, freezing Tuesday.

Life's been very good - things have certainly gotten interesting. I'm looking forward to finding out more about what I'll actually be doing in India next month. Everyone has a lot of advice, the main piece being: "Get your shots!" But I just think it will be so cool to experience a culture so different from mine. I've been to Europe several times, but to me it just feels like a prettier, more expensive version of the US.

Work has been getting better. We now have 18 students on the New Horizons roster after a great article was published in the local newspaper. Hopefully it will keep growing. Yesterday I told my boss about India. He said, "so basically you're taking a sabbatical from your sabbatical?" But he was cool with it. Being a Rotarian, he probably felt like he had to let me go.

I hope I can bring my computer with me, although I wonder what sort of wifi they have? Then again, the computer I'm using right now was probably made in India. I'm pretty sure they're miles ahead of us in the technology department. Weird how such a techno-savvy country can still have malaria and cows wandering about.

Anyway, I'm done for now. But I'll leave you with this video in hopes that it might inspire you to learn a musical instrument. May the force be with you.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Yesterday I found out that I will be spending a month in Goa, India. I applied to be a member of a Rotary International Group Study Exchange team, and am one of four selected to represent North Jersey. I leave January 12th.

I hope I see cows on the beach.