Thursday, December 13, 2007


Wow it's really crappy outside. Ice is falling from the sky.

Been a crazy week. We had our first India orientation meeting on Saturday and I met the rest of the group. There are three of us team members and a team leader. The leader is a guy named Bernie. He's retired and he's been to lots of different places around the world. Very easy-going and seems like a nice guy.

The rest of the team consists of: Liz, a newly-wed 30-something YMCA program coordinator from Suburbia; Rajiv, a 25 year-old metrosexual Sri-Lankan intern at the U.N.; and Misty, a home-schooled EMT from the boonies. It's an interesting group, no doubt.

We had a list of things we needed to get done before our next meeting... getting an Indian visa; purchasing medical insurance; doctor's physical and - my favorite - VACCINATIONS! Here's a list of some of the delightful diseases I hope to contract while I'm gone.

When I tell people I'm going to India for a month, everyone's reaction is similar: "Why?" Even my stupid ass doctor literally said, "Eww! Why would you wanna go there?" Is he even allowed to say something like that? Maybe he's just pissed cause Indian doctors are smarter than he'll ever be.

I dunno. My thoughts are: how can you understand the rest of the world if you don't experience it? I guess I get it from my aunt. She was a fearless world traveler and always had great stories and photos to share. Russia, Egypt, Israel - just to name a few - she went where her heart took her, each trip adding to her fantastic mosaic of a life. I always admired that about her, and now even more as I get older.

I'm counting on her to be there with me, warding off the chikungunya next month.

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