Thursday, October 12, 2006


I'm playing hooky today. Shame on me. But the 6th graders are away on their annual camping trip, the building is quiet and it seemed like a good day to sleep late.

Shame on me.

While I was out running (my 3 measly miles) this morning, I saw a flock of birds lining up on a telephone wire. I guess they were getting ready to head south for the winter. I started wondering how they go about that.

I mean, is there a group leader? One bird designated to make sure everyone's there? A bird who takes attendance and has all the maps and stuff? Luckily they don't have much to pack - that's one less thing to worry about.

Do they go back to the same place every year? Like time-share? How do they know when to leave? Is there a mailing that goes out?

Are there stupid birds? Ones who get lost or show up late for departure? Maybe that's why they were all waiting on the wire.

"Damn it, where the hell is Phil? Why is he always the last one here?"
"Sorry guys - I had to drop the pets off at the boarder."
"Yeah, whatever dude. You're at the back of the V."

I wonder if we went over any of this in Biology class. Maybe I was playing hooky that day too.

Shame on me.


Lisa said...

"Go to the back of the V"...I've felt that way many times!

Lisa said...

Hey, did you get your bib number??!

normiekins said...

hahaha i love that...."go to the bank of the "v".....spoken like a true educator.....i've always wondered if they take the same route on their travels....will phil be back next year....i need to watch the animal planet channel more often.