Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Yeeecchh. Everyone at school is sick -- kids, teachers... I swear, I'd probably stand a better chance of not getting sick if I were working as Head Toilet-Licker in a tuberculosis ward.

I've been pounding the Airborne every few hours, hoping to create an effervescent forcefield of health.

In other news, five gnats flew into my eyes while I was out running today. This kinda creeps me out 'cause I gotta wonder that if five flew into my eyes, how many must have flown into my gaping mouth? I mean, it's a lot bigger than my eyes. And wetter - if these gnats happened to be seeking moisture.

Lastly, I felt I had to share this... Yesterday I was making soup and a grilled cheese for Bean's and my lunch. There was a bit of chaos going on - workmen pounding on the walls and my brother trying to put something in the microwave - and the soup boiled over while the sandwich burned.

"Shit.." I muttered a little louder than I should've.

And Bean - a three year-old with the wisdom of Ghandi - looks at me and kind of shakes his head and says, "That's not a very nice thing to say."

He was right.


Lisa said...

Ah, yes, into each life a little shit must fall.

Hope the Airborne does the trick. I see the germs are invading our airspace here as well.

normiekins said...

life is just one big giant petri dish!!!