Wednesday, October 11, 2006

T-11 DAYS...

First, thanks to everyone for the comments about Delilah. I appreciate your concern more than you know. So thanks :)

Okay - so I am in the middle of my "taper". That's the three week period before the marathon where mileage decreases so that the body may repair and get itself ready for the big day. All the books urge you to taper responsibly and not to freak out or get weird. I guess the authors, being runners themselves, can relate to the neurosis we're all feeling.

Yesterday I did 4, today 6 and tomorrow 3. And I'm worried cause those little runs seemed harder than some of the longest ones. Perhaps it psychological? I hope so.

Also, I have this weird congestion in my chest that makes breathing difficult & keeps me up at night coughing. I think I may go to the doctor - in case it's bronchitis or something. That would really just suck.


Sue said...

Thanks for visiting....

It is strange, this taper business... definitely agree that these shorter runs seem much harder than the long ones - how strange is that?!

Good luck with your wind-down and for the marathon!

Anonymous said...

I think you're seeing 2 effects. First, it sounds like you're under the weather. That always makes running harder. Definitely go to the doctor to get a jumpstart on the healing process.

Second, your last training run was a LONG run. Your body is still recovering from it. That's the point of the long runs and the taper period. Back when I used to run long marathons, I really didn't get the spring in my step back until the week before the marathon.