Monday, October 16, 2006


I am a complete snot factory. 6 days to go and I am drowning in my own mucus.

In other news...

It's remarkable how bipolar I am when it comes to my job. One minute I am at my wits end, certain that I will not be back the next morning. I weigh my options in my head: "Is it really worth the pension? Or should I just pack up my shit and hole up somewhere 'til they forget about me?"

Then out of nowhere, a kid will do something ridiculous - like get stuck in his jacket - and I'll once again realize that there's no other job on the planet which would pay me so well for doing so little work, while keeping me so thoroughly entertained.

This afternoon I had to sit through a workshop on suicide prevention. It consisted of us watching a PowerPoint presentation while two school counselors read the PowerPoint slides out loud to us. Each of us was also given a packet containing a printed version of said PowerPoint slides. After 90 minutes, I came to my own conclusion that the #1 cause of suicide is probably redundancy.


JerseyBard said...

You're right — that is redundant.
You're right — that is redundant.
I love that in a rhyme
The same word rhymes each time!

The six fingers were creepy
(But I love Princess Bride)
But an extra one to pluck my lyre
Would be a source of pride!

Anonymous said...

Geez, I had to look again to even notice the six fingers. Duh...what does that say about me?