Sunday, October 01, 2006

The past few days I have been reading a bunch of runners' blogs and discussions on the Runner's World website. I think it's actually starting to sink in -- the marathon, I mean.

Since April I have been training religiously... following the huge Hal Higdon chart on my refrigerator, and seeing the little green X's accumulate as I cross off each run that I complete. I guess for the majority of the summer, October just seemed so far away. And now it's here - and in just three weeks, it will all be over.

And that makes me sad.

Because I've never worked so hard for anything - committed as much time and energy... Every week passes and I surprise myself by going a little farther. Never could I have imagined coming to think of a 10-miler as "an easy run."

It's become such a part of me. And words can't do it justice - can't convey what it feels like to hurt so bad and feel so good.

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Lisa said...

I can't agree more...all the aches, pain, trials and tribulations will all be worth it in a matter of days. Impressive training we've all gone through, eh?