Saturday, October 28, 2006


It's 9:30 on a Saturday morning. I'm lying here in bed and it occurs to me that this is the first Saturday IN SIX MONTHS that I have not gotten up to go out on a long run. I thought I'd miss it more, but maybe I'm still feeling the afterglow.

Or it could be the apocalyptic weather conditions outside. Between the rain and the wind blowing leaves all over the yard, it looks as if the world is falling to pieces....

...from my view of the window, while nestled snugly in my warm bed.

Yesterday was our school's spelling bee. It is, hands down, one of my favorite days of the school year. Pitting kid against kid in a battle of wits. Lining them up and then one by one, exposing their intelligence (or lack thereof) in front of the faculty, their families and the entire student body. Huzzah!

During my morning Band class, I asked how many of the kids made it into the final 30. About 10 of them raised their hands.

"What? That's all? Come ON! How are we supposed to keep up the myth that Band kids are smarter if you're not all in the spelling bee?!"
"We're not supposed to be smart, Band kids are supposed to be geeks," one replied.
"Well yes, of course you're geeks. But you're supposed to be the SMART kind of geeks."

By the final few rounds of the spelling bee, four kids remained and they were all Band kids. And after a grueling 2.5-hour battle, a 7th grade trumpet player reigned victorious.

Score one for the geeks.


Lisa said...

Awesome! I was a trumpet player for about 15 years!! Score one for the brass section. :)

normiekins said...

must be the discipline of music that helps......go band member!!!