Friday, August 11, 2006



Loki said...

Even my boss said this was a good picture... wow :)

normiekins said...

WOW....brave woman...those things can't get really a peanut...tomorrow a steak!....i'm with loki^^^^ great picture!!!

Pensive Turtle said...

Yeah - I think we may have created monsters. I was having breakfast out there yesterday when a gang of the rodents closed in on me and demanded I share my peanut butter toast. It was truly frightening.

Needless to say, they won.

JerseyBard said...

Cute as they may be
It really seems to me
If they demand your toast
You should have Critter Roast

Oh please, don't recoil
Just get some good tin foil
And roast them like potato
Then get out the tomato

And lettuce, if you please
And on them, mustard squeeze
And put them on a bun
Isn't Critter Roast fun?!

Pensive Turtle said...

Bard or no bard... you're not right.