Thursday, August 10, 2006


TO: Dog Owners
FROM: The Pensive Turtle
DATE: August 10, 2006

This morning during my run, I was nearly assaulted on three separate occasions, by three different dogs. None of these dogs were on leashes.

Owners, are you BEGGING for lawsuits? Are your lives really so empty and your pockets so full?

The first dog was one of those stealthy, shepherd types. I didn't even know it was there until I was about ten feet from it, at which point it sprang to life in a barking frenzy. Luckily I knew what to do in a situation like this: scream my ass off and run faster. Which, in turn, caused Kujo to go even crazier.

Finally I heard the owner (who sounded like a 90 year-old, chain-smoking waitress) bellow from inside her screen door for the dog to back off.

The second incident occurred about fifteen minutes later. This dog I heard and felt, but did not actually see. It had a deep bark and was on the other side of a wooden fence I was passing. It followed me the distance of the fence and all I could do was pray that its owner had latched the gate.

Owner, you're damn lucky.

By this point, I'd had enough. My adrenal glands were running dry. But just for spite in the last leg, the third and final dog - an Irish Jack terrier - decided to add its two cents. It came careening down the driveway at me and while my initial response was to kick it back up to its house like a soccer ball, I refrained. Jacks are my favorite dogs.

Bottom line: Owners, please leash your mongrels. For the sake of all involved.
Thank you.

PS: Please note that this memo was not directed toward the two men standing in their driveway watching the [unleashed] pit bull sparring with the Doberman. Fortunately the dogs were way too consumed with killing each other to notice me.

And fellas, your instigation of such a grudge-match (and obvious delight) is twisted enough to warrant your own memo, forthcoming.


Ted said...

The best was screaming your ass off and running faster. I'm still laughing.

normiekins said...

you go girl...totally irresponsible!!!!!!!