Friday, August 04, 2006


This morning I ran the twelve miles
of tomorrow's long run - today.
'Cause tomorrow I'll be in a car, en route,
and figured there's simply no way

To run such a distance, to cover such ground -
along roads that were both flat and hilly,
then sit for some hours in a car getting stiff
while I travel with HIM down to Philly.

HIS old college pal is tying the knot,
it's an elegant black-tie affair.
So HE'll wear HIS tux, and I'll wear a dress
(Hell, I may even shampoo my hair!)

Today's run was good, the weather was better -
the humidity's dropped quite a bit.
At the end of the run, I felt nice and strong.
Could it be I'm becoming more fit?

I'm psyched for tomorrow - our first formal soiree,
and some of HIS friends I will meet.
It'll be nice to dance, but lots I must drink
so I don't feel the pain in my feet.


normiekins said...

how'd it go?

Pensive Turtle said...

Excellent! A totally blog-worthy weekend.

normiekins said...

can't wait to hear!