Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Four days down, two more to go. The weather has been crappily rainy and cold, except for the two hours yesterday when it got Africa-hot and we were swarmed by mosquitos (the ones that had been breeding in the puddles and were now awake and hungry for geeky band-flesh.) We start rehearsals at 10 AM and go until 9 PM - essentially eleven hours, give or take an hour for a meal here and there.

I have to say, the kids have been AMAZING. Were I a kid in this band, I probably would have quit on Saturday. But they have an incredible work ethic, and a seemingly endless amount of energy. So many times I've just wanted to sit down and/or start crying because I'm tired, cold and wet. But then I look around and realize I haven't heard one kid complain -- and then I feel like a wuss.

I have gotten very used to working with middle school kids. I've learned that their attention spans are about 23 seconds, max. And as a result, I've gotten used to teaching in a sort of rapid-fire way to keep them engaged. Working with high school kids - especially ones as hard core as these - has been a shock to my system. I forgot how GOOD they can sound, and how they are able to really pay attention to detail. Truthfully, it's been a little intimidating for me.

I guess I can make it through two more days. It's probably good for me. Maybe I need to raise my own bar and the bar of my own students a little higher this year.


normiekins said...

that's awesome.....you know...i love watching the drum & bugle corp competitions every year....i give you a lot of credit!!

JerseyBard said...

The performance was outstanding
I enjoyed it very much
Your work is so demanding
And you bring me back in touch

With the artist within me
But you do more than that
I remember fondly teachers
who had influenced this brat

Your pride and your great smile
At what the kids can do
Encourages them while
It reflects so well on you

Amazed am I each day
By all you give to Peace
Because Art is the way
we should make fighting cease