Monday, August 21, 2006


On Friday, my friend L and I travelled back in time. The dial on our silver time machine (which bore a remarkable resemblance to L's Jetta) was set for 1986, and what a year it was...

Big hair. Reebok hi-tops with the velcro straps on the top. Def Leppard and Poison blaring from speakers. And the piece de resistance: airbrushed bajas.

How did we manage to travel back 20 years and still make it home before midnight, you ask? Simple. We just hopped on the Garden State Pkwy and headed SOUTH.

Ahh... SLEAZ-SIDE Heights - the Jersey Shore's finest. May I never forget my roots.

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normiekins said...

oh my....don't even start....big hair...spandex....can you say disco? to look back!