Saturday, February 17, 2007


I know it's been a few days and I figured I'd better send an update, lest ye all think the pox did me in. Actually, I'm feeling better and better. Wednesday was the worst day by far, the Aveeno oatmeal baths my only succor from the relentless itching. Kinda ironic. When we were first Googling chicken pox last weekend we were mocking the recommended oatmeal baths, guffawing about how one could take a bath and then have breakfast in one easy step.

By the way, if you've noticed a significant improvement in my vocabulary, it's a result of playing Scrabble non-stop for the past 120 hours.

Today the poxes are looking better. They started getting crusty on Thursday and I lost a few scabs today - YAY! (and no, I am not picking - they're falling off on their own terms.)

Also exciting on the bodily front is that I was able to shave my left armpit today. There are no longer any poxes there and that little act afforded me a boost of femininity. Imagine the thrill of wearing a bra again!

Yesterday I actually went outside to take a walk. I bundled up in a heavy hooded parka to hide my disfigured face. Every time a car passed by, I swooped my head down and made a "Gaaahhhhh!" sound, à la the Phantom of the Opera. I went out again today and did about 4 miles, running and walking alternately. The fresh air was wonderful.

I ventured over to HIS apartment this afternoon. It felt so weird to drive my car after a week, but first I'd had to clean off the 3" thick sheet of snow/ice. It was my first time cleaning snow off The Bug and was wonderfully easy - I just smacked the snowbrush into the top of the roof and the whole sheet cracked and slid off. God bless the dome!

We sat on the couch and watched TV and ordered Chinese food. We attempted to play an old-school game of Scrabble. I ended up with tiles spelling WIZARDS and, in my greedy quest to Bingo it out on a triple-word score, ended up never being able to play it. So I whined until HE agreed to abort the game. I'm such an asshole.

But I'm on my way and it's been a very educational and much-needed week. More on that tomorrow though. Right now I have a rousing bout of "Aluminum Foil Ball" to tend to with the cat. He's beating me 4-2 and I have a title to regain.

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