Monday, February 12, 2007


The doubts I had yesterday
I can now erase.
I woke up with poxes
All over my face.

There's some on my shoulders
And lots on my neck.
My back is disgusting
My tummy's a wreck.

This morning, while showering
And washing my hair,
I found pox on my scalp -
Think they like it up there.

I don't feel much fever
As of yet, I ain't itching.
More than anything, I'm bored
So forgive all my bitching.


JerseyBard said...
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JerseyBard said...

I don't mean to be
A wretched little man
But I'm enjoying
These skin shots and can...

You show a little more
Like the one on your butt?
I know it may be sore
And I know I'm a nut...

But this Pox Porn is cool
I'm enjoying the show
And if you charged a fee
I'd pay for it, you know!

Pensive Turtle said...

Yes folks, THIS is the man I am going to marry.

L*I*S*A said...

Oh my gosh...chickenpox??! Ugh!!

Anonymous said...

you guys crack me up! love the poems.