Sunday, February 18, 2007


Good morning, new day
The sun's in the sky
I just ate some toast
And am wondering why

My life's been so lucky
While others' are rough
Me, I want for nothing
I always have enough

My job is a good one
With family, I'm blessed
In health I am solid
(Even pox I did best!)

And the best thing by far
To come along in my life
Is the lovable bald man
Who wants me for a wife

For such a long time
I've felt there should be more
Excitement and challenge
So I'd not start to bore

Flailing 'bout in calm waters
Trying hard to make waves
Stepping off serene pathways
To peer into dark caves

Never happy with "happy"
Just ever annoyed
By not finding SOMETHING
To fill up the void

But what if that SOMETHING'S
Not in one neat box?
What if I stop digging?
Or picking up rocks?

What if SOMETHING'S made up
Of little moments each day?
A wondrous mosaic,
I guess one could say

Tucked in Chinese cookie
That fortune, so wise
My life's big adventure's
Right in front of my eyes.


L*I*S*A said...

Perfect assessment. :)

Kate said...

wow. that was FABULOUS! love that poem. it was beautiful and profound in it's simplicity.

i'm envious of you.

Pensive Turtle said...

Envious? No way, Kate.

Instead, be proud. I count the boosts of optimism I get from reading your blog every day as tiles in my mosaic.

Thank you!