Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I met Jim and Joe for dinner at a really cool Chinese restaurant. We shared great conversation over great food, and they asked if I wanted to join them the next day for a Jeep ride through Sedona. I had been planning to head down to see my friend in Tucson, but they convinced me to stay an extra day.

On Monday morning, I met up with the guys and we took off in Jim's 1970's Jeep Wrangler. We made a couple stops through town, popping into art galleries to chat with their friends. Everyone was so friendly and open. One woman, Mary, agreed to come along on our ride.

We headed out into the desert, off the roads, and ventured beyond where the Pink Jeep Tours dared to go. It was amazing to climb through canyons in this tank-like vehicle. We got out and sat on a ledge, soaked up the red rock beauty and chatted about spirituality. After we dropped Mary off, Joe suggested we pay a visit to Mason.

"Who's Mason?" I asked.
"Well... he's a very unique character. He lives about ten miles into the middle of the desert... in a dome."

Mason's dome was powered by solar panels and submarine batteries. Inside his dome were dozens of inventions he'd been working on, along with hundreds of books and magazines - many about UFOs.

As we were sitting around chatting with him, I noticed something very peculiar... the wart I'd had on the side of my finger for the past 28 years was no longer there.

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed. They all looked up at me. "This wart I had... like, all my life... it's gone!"
"Oh. Yeah well, that happens here," Joe replied, nonchalantly.

My first trip to Sedona changed my life. So many things happened, and I know I've left a lot of things out. Never before had I felt such energy, such love, such spirituality. During my closing session with Debra on that Monday morning before the Jeep ride, I cried to her - telling her I wanted to stay. I was sad that I would be leaving Sedona behind me - leaving these feelings that I'd never known before.

Debra smiled and told me not to worry.

"Sedona is a healing place. It enables people to open up a part of them they may never have known. You already had it inside of you before you got here. And it will stay with you wherever you decide to go."

I've been back twice since then, bringing others with me. Both trips have been vastly different from that first time - but every time I go, I learn more about life and about who I am.

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