Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Way back in March, I went to my general doctor for a checkup. I had been feeling sluggish, exhausted, and kind of 'brain foggy' for a long time. He ordered some blood tests to check my thyroid, etc. and things came back normal.

He asked if I was on The Pill, and I said "Yes, for the past eight years."
He asked, "How long have you been feeling crappy?"
"For about eight years," I replied.

So I decided, back in March, to go off The Pill - to see if I'd feel better, and to give my body a break. To my relief, I quickly began feeling normal again. The tiredness went away and the fog lifted.

But alas, no period came [remember gentlemen, you were warned.]

As usual, I turned to a reliable, informed source for my medical advice: the internet. And while some sites warned I'd be dead from cancer in weeks, the majority told me to relax, assuring that it usually takes a couple months for your body to regulate itself. So I did not panic.

Until August.

After five months without a period, I started to get a little nervous. I went to see my gynecologist. She told me not to panic, that sometimes it can take six months or more for things to get back on track. Plus, she said that training for a marathon probably also had something to do with it. She ordered blood tests and everything came back normal.

After the marathon, she put me on ten days worth of estrogen to try and kickstart my girls.


Then a couple weeks ago, she had me start back up on The Pill. And now I am starting to feel fatigued, exhausted and brain foggy. And it sucks. Hard. And once again, I've sought counsel from the all-knowing internet which informed me that going back on The Pill to regulate is not necessarily a good idea.

So tonight I have made an executive decision: I'm not going to take The Pill anymore. If my period never comes back it will be a blessing. I don't want kids (I'm not a breeder) so it's not like I really NEED to have a period.

And yeah, they say you can develop bone loss in old age with low levels of estrogen, but doesn't EVERYONE develop bone loss in old age? Besides, my blood tests showed that my levels are fine.

My body - my choice. I'm done fucking around with Mother Nature. And I've saved a hell of a lot on tampons this year [again boys, you were warned.]


Anonymous said...

Is there any chance you could be going through early menopause? I hope they can find an answer for you...

kate said...

not getting a period can lead to cancer. i've been irregular all my life becase i have pcos and was told that not getting a period at least every three months was not good. so i've been off and on the pill since i was a teen.

you should go for a second opinion.