Sunday, November 12, 2006


My four-day weekend is coming to a screeching halt. Remember when you were a kid and Sunday evenings were the most depressing time of the week because you knew you had to get up and go to school the next day?

Welcome to my world.

All in all, I must say that it was a tremendously good weekend. On Thursday night I caught up with my best girlfriend over some ass-kickingly spicy Thai food. Nothing clears a sinus like some Pad Gra Prow.

On Friday, HE and I took a ride out to Pennsylvania because we'd both received letters in the mail inviting us to come check out this time-share resort. The draw was we'd get a FREE FLAT-SCREEN T.V. just for listening to their 90 minute spiel. It was a beautiful day for a drive to the country so we figured, what the heck? Not like we were going to buy anything, right? And how cool will it be to get a free flat-screen T.V.??

Well, we're holding off on plans for the home theatre...

But, um, did I mention we're now the proud owners of a time-share?

Spent most of yesterday on HIS couch watching NetFlixed episodes of "Six Feet Under" and eating pretzel chips with hummus. We may as well have been shooting up heroin. Have you TRIED these? Don't. Once you pop - you can't stop.

In the evening, we went and saw Borat. If you haven't yet seen this movie, SEE IT NOW! It is one of the most unique, most hilarious movies I have seen in years. Sheer brilliance, laugh-out-loud, funny shit!

Today I took a run and then did some errands which I NEVER do on weekends. Did you know that New Jersey has the highest population density in the U.S. - an average 1,030 people per sqare mile, which is 13 times the national average? And each of these people owns at least two automobiles - one of which is an SUV - and they were all out doing errands today.

I'm finally back in my lair with my glass of wine. Been trying to switch to red since I've heard how beneficial it is to lab mice. I'm content. Life's good. Bring it, Monday -- I'm ready for your worst.

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kate said...

lmao. damn time share people. they get us every time.

now i really have to go see that movie.