Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Today turned out better than the past few days had been going. I was in a little bit of a rut. Maybe it's the looming gray skies and knowing that winter is around the corner (curse you, S.A.D.!!)

Or maybe it's the ongoing drama in my workplace: struggling to model ethical behaviour and strong character for kids while the bureaucracy in charge is anything BUT ethical. Sucks. Morale is at an all-time low and the negativity is as contagious as bird flu. I dunno. I had a quasi meltdown this morning and vented to the gym teacher. I found odd comfort in the fact that he's been feeling the same way these days. Maybe I'm not a depressive basket case after all? Maybe.

One of the kids cracked me up in lessons today. I asked the flutes, "Any of you know what 'syncopation' means in music?" And one girl replied, "No... but it sounds like 'constipation'. Is it like being constipated?" She then proceeded to demonstrate what a constipated flute might sound like. It's moments like these that remind me why I love my job.

After school, I went to the movies with my Mom. They just opened a HUUUGE 16-theatre mega-plex in my town and were showing movies for free today, so we saw "The Devil Wears Prada."

It's so great to have a theatre again. We used to have two: the "Inner 6" (inside our mall) and the "Outer 6" (outside the mall). When I was in high school, all of us band geeks worked at the Outer 6. We had so much fun, but I always thought the managers were a little stupid in hiring us. Whenever we had a football game, band competition or trip - no one could work. Then they'd get mad.

I went into the bathroom during the movie today and as I was sitting in one of the 25 toilet stalls, I thought back to the days of our crappy little Outer 6 and all the fun we had. Being a kid was so much fun. I find myself constantly telling my students to "enjoy these days - make the most of them," and wishing - if only for a few days - to be there again myself.


Another Shade of Grey said...

LOL. I just knew when you said "I went into the bathroom during the movie today and as I was sitting in one of the 25 stalls, I thought back to band class and SYNCOPATION". LOL

Anonymous said...

Synocpation....ahhh yes, it brings back memories.

Now, what exactly did staccato mean? ;)

kate said...

loved that movie. did you enjoy it?

and i think it's so cool that you're a music teacher. i'm jealous.