Sunday, November 05, 2006


This morning, my friend and I took the train into New York to watch the marathon. She is also a runner and had done Chicago back in 1996, so she could relate to my fever (which is still burning pretty hot.)

What a perfect day it was! Crisp and sunny, fantastic running weather. We walked up to Central Park from Penn Station - about 70 blocks - and watched from our first spot - mile 18 - on 1st Ave. After we saw the wheelchairs, elite females & males, Lance and Dean go by, we headed over to mile 23 (stopping first at Starbucks, of course) and caught them again. And after that, we wound our way over to mile 25 - right where all the runners entered Central Park - and hung out there for a while.

It was so amazing being on the other side of the curb! By cheering everyone on, I felt like I was repaying the thousands of people in Chicago who kept me going. I liked yelling out names, high-fiving people and feeling the tremendous energy all around me. I loved watching the people - every age, color, size and shape - coming together to share the experience.

Seeing this mother/daughter team go by really touched a nerve. My own Mom spends a lot of time in a wheelchair these days, and she’s one of my biggest inspirations to run. I bet the memory of being able to do this together will last them a lifetime.

I truly believe that running is unlike any other activity. It's the purest, most bare-bones thing a human being can do, and there are simply no words that can describe the feelings it evokes; physically, mentally, emotionally... and spiritually.

So I'm thinking... New York ... 2008.


JerseyBard said...

It could be because
It's so late at night —
I don't see likeness
Of wheelmom and right...


Lisa said...

That is truly inspirational...I'll bet it was quite a feeling to cheer those runners. Like you said, it was a great way to pay it forward from all the support we received in Chicago. :)

normiekins said...

how inspirational.....i wish i could run....bad knees....but i'll route for you!!!

kate said...

good luck with that! better you than me. lol.