Thursday, November 09, 2006


I could really get used to this. Got up around 8:00, had a leisurely cup of coffee (with pumpkin spice creamer ...mmmmm), and took a 5-mile run in gorgeous weather. Yes, this is a life I could get used to.

Just got back from the podiatrist. Was very excited to get an appointment with him, and feel much better now that he scraped off 3 inches of marathon calluses. I'm shorter now, but maybe my shoes will fit better.

My friend sent me this photo she took Sunday as Dean ran past. Funny how everyone made such a huge deal when Lance Armstrong and his entourage went by, but no one even knew who Dean was, or that he was running his 50th consecutive marathon in the 50th consecutive state.

Maybe cause he was running alone? I dunno. I cheered for him. And I loved that he finished just 36 seconds behind Lance (2:59:36 and 3:00:30) - even without a big posse and thousands of fans screaming his name. Way to go, Dean.

What's truly insane is that 50 consecutive marathons were not enough for him. That's right, HE'S STILL GOING, and wants to try to go all the way back to California. Kind of makes you wonder - not just how - but WHY someone would do that? Maybe so people like me will have something to blog about. Thanks, Dean.

Whew - all this writing is making me drowsy. I think I'll take a nap... just because I can.

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kate said...

damn boy. he's got some thighs on him.