Friday, January 13, 2006

This past week has been a little nuts for me. Every year we do an “Area Band Festival”. An extra-curricular, honors-type kinda thing, made up of the best band kids from 30 area schools (hence the title, Area Band. Clever, huh?). 8 of my kids are involved, and I somehow got myself roped into the role of Manager for the junior high band. Which means I’ve had to attend all these rehearsals. The one I’m at now started at 9:00AM (though I got here at 8:15 to set up) and goes until 4:00. I’ve certainly made some interesting observations, which naturally I feel obligated to share in this forum.

For starters, middle-school kids stink. I mean literally. Imagine if you will, 110 kids in a very small room – with no doors or windows – for 7 hours. If they could somehow bottle the smell of “puberty”, this would be it: a combination of sweat, fart, dirty laundry and cheap aftershave. Oh, and some unidentifiable, hoagie-like odor. It’s just not pretty.

Secondly, I’ve realized that for the most part, middle-aged band teachers are big dorks. I am wondering… is this my fate? If so, when do I cross that threshold (assuming I have not already done so and am just completely oblivious)? Is it a gradual descent? Or does one just wake up one morning – fat, badly-dressed and boring?

Finally, it’s occurred to me that I have become sickeningly dependent on and addicted to technology. The fact that I am sitting here typing a blog post – while compulsively checking and replying to text messages on my cell phone – and blatantly neglecting my managerial duties, is a clear indication of the horrible human being I am. Shame on me.

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Loki said...

No, you are far from crossing that threshhold... don't worry, I'll tell ya if you do! :)