Sunday, January 01, 2006


Laying here watching "Fiddler on the Roof" on PBS. What a great damn show -- why do I like this so much?

I guess I owe a recap of NH Ski Vacay w/S&W Jason. Here's the abbreviated, chronological account:

MONDAY - Left NJ around 10:00 after exchanging presents and stopping for coffee (he got me a DVD of 'Amelie', a couple books of Nietzsche and a pedometer). It took about 7 hours to get up there -- 7 hours filled with thought-provoking questions and 80s music from my iPod. When we arrived, we went out & got dinner at a local pub, then came back and chilled in front of the TV. Amazing how tired you can get sitting on your ass in a car for 7 hours. We got into bed and started fooling around. One thing led to another -- yadda yadda yadda ("What? I mentioned the bisque...") Sex was mediocre -- left me feeling worse than before because it confirmed the fact that I have absolutely NO romantic interest in the boy. Suffice to say, I was less than warm & cuddly after the event.

TUESDAY - Got up, had breakfast and went skiing. We did Loon Mountain -- somewhat crowded, but NOTHING like the crappy NJ slopes where you wait 45 minutes for the lifts. Things were quiet between us, luckily there was the distraction of skiing. When we got back to the hotel, we took a soak in the jacuzzi. He started getting a little frisky, but I was quick to put the kabosh on that. Dinner was tense, as you can imagine. Wine gave me the courage to tell him that I just wasn't into the situation - not looking for a relationship, etc, etc. No sex Tuesday night.

WEDNESDAY - Tense breakfast, skiing on Cannon Mountain which was less crowded but more icy. Post-ski soak in the jacuzzi (tense) and dinner. He was sulky, pouty, and poor-me-I'm-gonna-give-up-and-become-a-hermit. Luckily, LOTS of wine gave me the courage to tell him to get over himself. I am clearly not the only fish in the sea and he shouldn't be so quick to give up on life. "Sweet&Wholesome Jason" became less sweet and wholesome and grew a set of profanity balls. It actually became fun to just talk shit with him. Ah, the power of alcohol -- praise you, sweet alcohol! We decided it was a shame to waste a sweet hotel room and a good buzz, and went back and had more (mediocre) sex. Yadda yadda yadda...

THURSDAY - The longest car-ride EVER. The thought-provoking questions lost their appeal before we got out of Massachusetts, and I was about ready to kill him by Connecticut. I began to think of what could possibly be worse than the droning drive, but all that came close was having my uterus surgically removed through my eye socket... and even that didn't seem so bad.

He wanted to hang out on New Years Eve but I wasn't game. I stayed in -- yes, big loser. But I just need space - I NEED SPACE, DAMMIT!! So that's that. School tomorrow, 'cause apparently my district doesn't feel obligated to honor national holidays. Bastards. Ah well -- cheers to all as we venture into 2006. I always like to ask myself, 'where do you think you might be a year from now?' Your guess is as good as mine.

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