Sunday, September 26, 2010


Here it is, Sunday again. A whole week has gone by already? I find myself savoring Sundays like never before. Here's a little recap of the week:

School: I've started up the period 0 band rehearsals on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This means that I'm out of the house and over at school before 7:00 AM. You'd think that after 12 years this would get easier. It never does. Fortunately, I have great kids this year and they really bring me to life. I guess if I have to be up that early, it's a great way to start the day.

Cross country: We had a good week. Our first meet was Monday and we ended up running against two other schools. Both of the other teams were small, so we annihilated them. I think it was a nice way to start the season!

The rest of the week consisted of practices. I had them do a long run day on Tuesday; speed workout on Wednesday; hill repeats on Thursday; and since they worked hard all week, we played Yahooty! for "Fun Friday." The temperatures were wicked for most of the week - 90's in September? But the kids didn't complain. Much.

My own running: I managed to log 20.5 miles this week, despite the hectic schedule and lousy weather. I bumped up yesterday's long run to 8 miles. I'd planned to hit the water fountain around the halfway point, but decided to change up my route. I ended up running the entire distance without a water break, which really suuucked.

At one point, I got a little desperate and stuck my face into someone's lawn sprinkler. Wow, those high pressure jets hurt! But I managed to wet my throat a little, and I think it gave me the jolt I needed.

Other stuff: Yesterday afternoon I went to my nephew's first karate tournament. He's a 7 year-old yellow belt, so the competition wasn't too fierce. It was fun to hang out with my brother & his wife, and to see Bean do his thing. Again though, 90˚ weather in September + hundreds of stinky karate feet = .... gross.

Next weekend is the Rotary 5K, for which I am a co-director. Hoping we get a decent showing, although the morons at the Daily Rag got the date wrong in today's paper. Big surprise there.

And finally, my tofu press came in the mail this week! I can't wait to try it out. Huz & I went for Thai food at a new place Friday night and their tofu was terrible! Mushy and gross. Blah. I know I can do better. Will let you know how that turns out.

In case I don't make it back 'til next Sunday - which is all too likely - have a great week!

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