Tuesday, May 23, 2006


10. HE is absolutely brilliant in every area that appeals to me (linguistics, art, music, politics, religion, etc.) And HE is completely humble.

9. HE sat (with HIS laptop) waiting while I got a manicure.

8. HE snuck his digital camera into the Asian nail place - during above-mentioned manicure - to get a photo of the Starbucks offering at the Buddha shrine for my blog. [picture forthcoming]

7. When we're at my brother's house, HE spends the majority of the visit playing cars with Bean, or paying attention to their needy puppy.

6. Two words: "daily poems".

5. Instead of bringing me a boquet of flowers at my concert, HE gave me several packages of chocolate Twizzlers.

4. HE takes great pride in making HIS family's secret-recipe salad for gatherings, sometimes spending hours getting it just right.

3. Our last postcoital activity consisted of HIM trying to get HIS cellphone to "talk dirty" by punching in "7-8-9 ... 7-8-6-2" in Voice mode. We laughed way too hard over this.

2. HE gets me more than anyone ever has. Because of this, I am able to be myself. And HE STILL likes me.

1. HIS ass.

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