Tuesday, May 30, 2006


And it's also 1:00 AM. And I am laying here, not sleeping. Because of afore-mentioned hotness. I could put on the air conditioner, but I won't -- for two reasons:

1. I am ALWAYS cold. And when the weather finally started getting warm, I went on and on about how "I'll never use A/C... I just loooove warm weather... blah blah blah." Asshole.

But also because

2. I'm afraid there are creepy things that have been living in the A/C unit all winter and if I turn it on without cleaning it (or more likely, begging someone else to clean it for me) a swarm of said creepy things will blow out at me.

So instead, I am laying here, not sleeping.

So today was Memorial Day (I guess technically it was yesterday) and, as tradition dictates, I baked in the sun with about 65 of my kids at the town's ceremony. For a long long time. And through many many speeches. When it ended, I wanted to bolt the hell out of there as fast as I could. I was gathering up all the percussion stuff and loose music when the Superintendent of Schools came over to thank me for being there.

Normally I get a simple handshake, but perhaps the heat had affected his brain or maybe he was extra-grateful, because he leaned in to do the cordial 'fake-kiss-on-the-cheek'. At the exact moment when I happened to turn my head to yell at a kid. And so the Super got ear. And that was awkward as ass.

I stopped off at my friend D's BBQ for "one drink" -- which became four drinks. And lots of food. And I came home and I think I fell asleep by like 8:30. Which may explain why I am awake now. And my head hurts.

And it's fucking HOT.


Loki said...

So, what I'm getting from this is that you're hot.

Pensive Turtle said...

Hey - I can't argue with the masses.

Ted said...

both of you need to stop the nonsense and TURN THE DAMN AIR ON!