Monday, May 08, 2006


One of my favorite things to do during my classes is to get off-topic. Kids do say the darnedest things, and sometimes it's just a blast to let them go off. This is especially fun during my small group lessons, which generally consist of about 5 to 10 kids.

A few years ago, we got on the topic of deja vu. I remember one of my 8th grade boys said, "I once heard that deja vu is the soul's way of letting you know you're in exactly the right place at the right time." I sat there kinda stunned -- cause it struck me as being such a great theory. I've since shared that with many people, always crediting Ian (the afore-mentioned kid).

Ya know how when you're lying in bed (or, God forbid, driving your car ;) and you are just beginning to drift off to sleep? When your mind is still working, but suddenly your thoughts become extremely disjointed - and you kinda know you're not fully conscious? During this phase the other night, a thought occurred to me. And yes, it was among the disjointed thoughts so I don't think I was fully conscious. But here was the thought: perhaps it is during this semi-lucid state that our deja vu moments are born.

Do you get it? Like, you're having deja vu one day and you think, "I've been here before -- but when?" Well, perhaps it was during that semi-conscious state. Right? I dunno... it made perfect sense at the time. And no, I wasn't smoking anything prior to going to bed that evening.

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