Saturday, May 06, 2006


Lying here, wishing I could've slept longer. Had a surprisingly tame - but great - night last night. Me & 4 of my girls celebrated "Bees L's" 30th birthday/Cinco de Mayo. I didn't get home and into my bed until after 2 AM due to much commotion in the city.

You know, the usual traffic, crowds, stops at various sex shops... Oh, and the detour I begged them to take past Lincoln Center so I could see that idiot, David Blaine, floating in his human fishtank ("Come on - it's not THAT far out of the way!") I don't know which is more bizarre: his stunt, or the fact that there were 500+ people lined up to see him at 1:00 AM. And wouldn't you know? The bastard was SLEEPING! I did, however, manage to get this fine photo of his foot.

So my plan was to sleep late. But 6:30 AM came and the birds began their grand opera outside my window. It's actually quite nice to lie here and listen to all the different songs (yes, I can get crunchy). But we also have an enormous colony of chipmunks who make this incessant, "chit chit chit chit chit..." - and all at the exact same time. How can one word [chit] mean so many things? Maybe it's like "Aloha" or "Shalom." Or "Smurf."

And also the neighbors next-door have FOUR children under the age of 8. Two are twin 5 year-old boys. And one of them is ALWAYS doing something wrong. And Dad ALWAYS catches him. Loudly. Louder than any chitmunk.

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