Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Finally! My Mac's got itself hooked up wit' da Ethernet strings and I compromise NOTHING! They use PCs here, and since I would rather put toothpicks into my eyeballs than use a PC, I was sans Internet until today. But I won! And now my life is complete.

Life's been good. Things at work are a little slow this week as it is summer and schools are off (as I well know.) I am keeping busy getting my ducks in a row so I can launch a full-scale recruiting assault in September, but until then I am kinda laying low and gathering the forces.

Today I did something very different: I went to a diner for lunch - by myself - ordered a lovely salad, and sat and read a book. It was nice. And while I'm sure that thousands of people around the world do this on a regular basis, it was a very new experience for me.

In other news, I ran what was probably the toughest 5K of my life this past Sunday. The race T-shirt even said "The Toughest 5K in New Jersey" on the back and, while that may not be 100% accurate, at least I'm not the only person who thought it was tough. It was in my own town (which is an extremely hilly lake community) and I thought I'd be prepared for it since I train here. But clearly the guy who picked the route was a twisted sadist.

Needless to say, there was no PR for me. I did, however, place 2nd in my age category (30-39 y/o female) and so I felt really good about that. Hell, I even got a little award plaque! So all was not lost.

Uhh... I had other things I wanted to write about. Every time something funny happens I think, "I should blog about this" and then I forget it. Well, hopefully I can keep more current now that I am amongst the technologically living.


teacherwoman said...

I agree on the mac. I would much rather use my mac than any other PC. My parents just purchased a new PC and I have been working to set it up for them. What a load of crap!

That 5K sounded rough... glad you got through it!

P.S. I thought ND was the armit of america?? Hehe:)

Anonymous said...

i hear ya. i still haven't worked up the nerve to go eat out alone. good going!

Mike said...

Second in your group? Whoa! The only time I did that, it was a tiny race with about 30 people in it, and several of them got lost on the course. Great job.

JerseyBard said...

I suggest Mastori's in Bordentown, NJ, for anyone's dining out alone experience. My personal favorite: order the chef salad. It's piled about 3/4 of a foot high, and about 1.5 feet around. Takes about 3 hours to eat, so if you're picking at it, you can finish your whole book in one sitting!

L*I*S*A said...

Excellent job on the race. Sounds like you were handling those hills just fine!