Saturday, September 23, 2006


Holy crap, has it been a week already?? Wow. I forgot that going to work every day leaves me with far less time to sit around in my self-absorbed bubble, analyzing every thought that enters my consciousness.

But work is good!

The year is off to a fantastic start. I have a great group of kids, and my colleagues have all been in very good spirits (so far). I've taken over the position of Media Club Advisor, and with that have also received a phat new MacBook Pro! Just waiting for the Tech. Dept. to load 'er up and then I shall play. Oh, how I'll play...

And after far too long a hiatus, I have picked my trumpet back up and am playing with this great group. I used to play with them back when I was in college, as they were way better than our college wind ensemble at the time. It's good to be part of something musical again - with grownups!

Running is going great. Just did 14 miles, and am about to embark on the toughest week yet which culminates in a 20-miler next Saturday. Then begins the great taper, and the run is less than a month away (29 days to be exact). If I've learned anything from all this running, it's about pacing... the runs and life in general.

Finally this week, my dear BOY is defending the dissertation HE has been working on for the past two years. HE's been a bit nervous - and rightfully so - but I know HE will be great. HE's one of the most brilliant people I have ever known (and I'm not just saying that cause I have sex with HIM). If all goes well, HE will be "DR. HIM" in December.

So that's where I's been. Once again I reiterate, "Life Is Good" -- for as long as it is, I am grateful. And even when it's not -- I'm still grateful.


normiekins said...

congrats to Dr. Him....that is awesome.....good luck at the marathon!!!! It's humble to be grateful!

Lisa said...

It's nice to meet a fellow trumpeter. I played from 4th grade through college. I was also in the marching band at Central Michigan University!!

Band geeks RULE!!