Thursday, September 28, 2006



Oh happy day!
My beloved passed HIS dissertation defense and is gonna git HIMself a bona fide PhD!

I can hear my Dad's side of the family cheering from the heavens:
"She's found herself a Jewish doctor -- Mazel Tov!"


Anonymous said...

So you're Jewish? If :)

Pensive Turtle said...

Half a Jew... the better half ;)

normiekins said...

hey you,
yes i live about 25 minutes south of downtown chicago.....when i started reading your blog i thought that was so cool you were coming here to run the marathon.....if you need some city information let me know....i'm like the chamber of commerce....i am downtown all the time so i am very familiar with everything....i can give you tips and places to go and see......happy to help :)

normiekins said...

oh you can email me at