Tuesday, July 18, 2006


The human mind has limitless potential. Think about all of the progress mankind has made over the past few thousand years. We can travel into space, cure deadly diseases, build babies from test tubes and clone sheep. The most complex supercomputer in the universe could not even come close to the human brain. Great thinkers - the Greek philosophers, Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin - have used their mindpower to change the world as we know it. And every day, another brilliant idea is born from a powerful mind.

My mind? It's too busy remembering the lyrics to a song I sang in 4th grade Music class called "Pop Bottle Hoedown":

'Turn to the rootbeer
Bow to the orange
Swing with a Pepsi
Promenade the cherry soda
'til it meets the bubbly Seven-Up
[bum bum bum]
Bubbly Seven-Up...'

It also remembers that I sat next to Jeff Arnowitz, and that he had a squeaky voice and always wore the same blue & white striped shirt.

Yeah, it's a damn good thing all my billions of brain cells are being put to good use. Would sure be a shame to waste them curing cancer or some other trivial shit like that.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that... Not knowing what to say, or ( feeling ) like you just said something stupid...it makes a moment feel like infinity....
Think of the morning talks after your run !! It will make a sweet memory

I hope to see you soon....


Hanna T said...

i had to sing pop bottle hoedown too1 only i was in 6th grade. My music teacher, Mr.Elliot was such a fag. He made us sing that and OLd MCDonald for our Spring Concert!!!!!!!