Thursday, March 08, 2007


How is "San-gina" still on this show?? I can only assume that he is the Kevin Covais of season six.

Somewhere in America, a group of college kids is probably sitting around smoking weed, eating Cheetos and text-messaging votes for the worst possible candidate. To you stoners I say: STOP IT! Go steal some furniture from the dorm lobby or pull some fire alarms.

Speaking of fires...

The other night I was at HIS apartment making some dinner. Somehow I managed to set fire to a veggie buffalo wing in HIS microwave.

I've reached an all-time culinary low. I hope HE's not rethinking the whole engagement thing.


Mike said...

That's what you get for eating VEGGIE BUFFALO WINGS. Crikey!

JerseyBard said...

OK, but "real" ones also sicken
'Cause they're not buffalo, they're chicken!

lisa said...

Go LaKisha!!! Flint's very own...we don't have much to sing about here in Flint, but we have her.