Friday, April 28, 2006


Answer: Very few. I wish I had a valid reason for not posting in so long. And considering the very morbid tone of my last post, people probably assumed I dove off a building or something. Not the case. A whole lot has gone on this past month - and some REALLY great blog topics too! Alas, the truth is... I am fucking lazy.

BUT I'M BACK! Um... for today. Let's not get crazy with the expectations.

Hmm... Okay -- big news: I moved up out of The Grotto and took over my aunt's apartment. We had it painted all these great, bright colors and refurnished the hell out of it. There are huge windows, one of which acts as a headboard for my bed. And the sun happens to rise through that window every morning. And it's glorious.

Secondly, I became an aunt again! Bean has a little brother (whom I have not yet nicknamed so for now he shall be called #2). He's pretty cute for a little smoosh of a thing. I forgot how small they are when they first come out!

And lastly (but certainly not leastly) I myself have a new pride and joy. Behold:

Who knew such joy could come from some metal and rubber? Okay wait - BIGGER pieces of metal and rubber. For exterior use. I'll stop.

The long-hated Saturn that I'd been driving for the past few years decided to puke antifreeze all over the inspection station (a blog entry unto itself) and rather than blow $2,000 on fixing the head gasket, I traded it in to lease this wonderful little guy.

So yes, I am very much alive and life gets better with each breath. And now that the blogging seal has been broken, I will do my best to get back on task and write. I've missed it. Truly.

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